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Terms & conditions

To complete the registration, please fill in the complete form with the correct information.


All RUN1000RALLY participants must read and understand this agreement before completing the registration form.


Each participant must complete the form and read and accept all the contractual terms and conditions of the RUN1000RALLY.


By applying for and participating in the RUN1000RALLY the participant :

  • Consents to and approves all the contractual terms and conditions listed below;
  • Agree to pay the entry fee in full (all payments are final and non-refundable, the cost paid at the time of entry being considered an entry fee and not a subsequent obligation).


This event is booked on a first-come, first-served basis. The participant must pay the registration fee in full. Accepted methods of payment are as follows:


In cash;

  • Credit card;
  • Certified cheque or money order;
  • Bank transfer;


The participant is aware that all payments are final and without any possibility of reimbursement.


The RUN1000RALLY will in no case reimburse a participant who cannot finish the rally due to a mechanical defect. It is specifically agreed that participation in the RUN1000RALLY is at the risk and peril of the participants, with complete exoneration of the RUN1000RALLY and its representatives and insurers. The RUN1000RALLY reminds participants that even if their vehicle is in good condition, the roads are very long and demanding. Activities on closed road circuits during the rally are also carried out at the risk and peril of the participants. We therefore strongly recommend taking all the necessary measures to participate in complete safety, notably by purchasing a caa or canadian tire gold card for any breakage or towing that may occur, as well as bringing protective helmets for activities on the circuit.


The RUN1000RALLY will in no way reimburse a participant who chooses not to finish the rally as a result of an action caused by another participant or be held responsible in any way whatsoever. The participant understands that the RUN1000RALLY cannot guarantee that all participants will respect the contractual terms and conditions and adopt safe and responsible behaviours.


The RUN1000RALLY reserves the right to refuse access to the activities or to expel one or more participants in the event of non-compliance with the contractual terms and conditions contained herein or in the case of irresponsible and/or dangerous behaviour, and for any other reason deemed valid by the persons in charge.


All participants and passengers must be of legal age in all countries visited. Children (18 and under) are not allowed to participate in the rally unless they are accompanied at all times by a responsible adult. Participants wishing to bring minors with them understand that certain activities will not be able to accommodate minors and that their safety is their sole responsibility.


The RUN1000RALLY, which includes members, volunteers, and partners, cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the actions of participants and their consequences. The participant will be held personally responsible for all his actions, behaviour and damages caused to accommodation establishments, restaurants, bars, etc. And will have to assume alone all the costs resulting from this, to the exclusion and holding the RUN1000RALLY and its representatives unharmed.


The participant irrevocably agrees to indemnify and take up the cause of the RUN1000RALLY against all claims, legal actions that may be brought by a third party due to actions in violation of these contractual terms and conditions, provincial, federal and international laws and regulations.


The RUN1000RALLY is not a race. Betting is not accepted or tolerated. The participant must drive in a manner that is prudent and respectful to all other participants and the public. Under no circumstances should the participant drive under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and attention must be paid to sleep deprivation. Please arrange for a designated driver, if required.


The participant must obey all traffic laws as well as the regulations of the city, province and country in which he or she is located at all times. The participant’s driver’s license, registration and insurance must be valid at the start and throughout the duration of the rally. Insurance must cover civil liability as well as any damage that may be caused to third parties. The participant is responsible for checking if his insurance is valid in the United States.

The RUN1000RALLY cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to vehicles by the removal of logos and stickers. The participant is in charge and agrees to retain the services of specialists at his own expense to carry out the removal of the said logos and stickers.


By participating in the RUN1000RALLY, the participant specifically consents and grants the RUN1000RALLY the right to use all images, photos or videos where the participant, his crew and/or his car could be photographed and/or filmed, and to broadcast photos or videos on the internet, youtube, facebook, etc. And this, before, during or after the rally.


By participating in the Run 1000 Rally, the participant is aware that this event may represent a risk to his health and that of the passengers, and accepts the consequences at his own risk. The Run 1000 Rally cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage to the vehicle or property of others.


In the event of serious injury (including but not limited to paralysis, brain injury, coma) or death of a participant during the rally the family of the injured or deceased or any other person will not hold the RUN1000RALLY responsible for the injury or death. Any prejudice towards the RUN1000RALLY could lead to legal action by the RUN1000RALLY.


The RUN1000RALLY is not responsible if they are unable to fulfil these obligations due to fire, construction or any other acts of nature (rain, hail, works, etc.).


The RUN1000RALLY is not responsible for any unauthorized photos or movies on the web. The copyright is that of the RUN1000RALLY.


Under no circumstances should participants give an interview to the media, the RUN1000RALLY reserves the exclusive right to comment on the event.


The RUN1000RALLY must keep all personal information about a participant. Under no circumstances will the information be divulged unless you have obtained your authorization, except for hotel reservations, activities, letter carrier and lawyer representing the RUN1000RALLY.


I have read and certified that I understand all of the above and that I agree to all contractual terms and conditions by checking the box to this effect when I register online on the event website for the 2019 edition of the RUN1000RALLY.